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Friday, 3 June 2011

Cooking Bacon And Eggs With Your iPad

Non stick cooking just like Jamie Olliver does it. Brazil­ian adver­tis­ing agency DCS's inter­ac­tive iPad ad simulates real cooking.

Two From Twitter

Twitter continues to take on the power of Facebook with two further enhancements. There is now a new version of Twitter search which delivers photographic images and video in the results page.

If you have the latest version of Firefox you can type a #hashtag or @username  into the browser address bar immediately opena search results page (try #travel) or someone's profile page (like @digiconsultant).

The second refinement is the Follow Button; a simple piece of code to drop into your web site or blog at any location you wish.  To configure a follow button for your site go here and follow the easy directions.

I have added one to this article (see below) and as a matter of good social media practice I would recommend that you add this button to every article you publish.

Facebook's social plugins should also be included where appropriate.

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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Unleash Your Hidden Reporter with Streamago

There's a reporter in all of us just waiting to emerge.  Tiscali Streamago might just be the answer for those with such ambitions.
Video uploading is ranked as one of the top social media activities and many of us have then made the transition to using live streaming software and platforms to communicate with others online and to build interest channels. Creating your own tv station certainly has appeal.
What appeals about Tiscali Streamago is the ability to broadcast anywhere and share with friends in real-time.
Ignoring the obvious requirement of being online, the rest of the set up and using on this platform is very simple.  A PC and web cam are the two prerequisites and Tiscali Streamago's broadcast console makes transmission an easy exercise, without the need to download and instal any software.  And you don't have to be tied to your computer, as Streamago is also available as an iPhone app. (and iPod touch and Ipad 2)
Try creating a channel using your own video.  The graphic abilities of being able to produce overlay titling is also dead easy and I like the option of chatting in real-time with followers which promotes true engagement with your audience.

Easy broadcasting console
Streamago users are each allocated 10GB of disc space and you can even record through your PC web cam or iphone and delay transmission until later which might give you greater exposure to your target audience. You create you owncommunication channel.

Streamago integrates with Facebook so you can publish the channel directly into your personal page and keep you followers informed.  You have a dedicated web address to send your followers to and the 'schedule event' functionality will be very handy for streaming conference presentations. You can find me at
My recommendation is to give Streamago a try; it's a lot of fun!  Streamago is available at:

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I Know What I Like

Likester is an interesting tool but the jury is out as to whether it can at this moment accurately gauge online reputation and make predictions.

Branded as a 'Global Popularity Engine', the service aggregates Facebook Likes data from users, removes any reference to the person concerned and stores only what was Liked and the broad geographic location of where the user lived.

Likester Heat Map -  showing the density of Likester activity
Likester believes they currently represent the most comprehensive look at what people like, and from where, on the Internet. Although they readily admit that results are somewhat skewed as they lack data from many cities and in some of htose cities the data source remains sparse.

At the moment their findings are based on data on over 7,000 cities, and 172 countries around the world and as coverage increases so to will be the validity of the results.

The company has been making American Idol predictions to showcase their product, with varying degrees of success.

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Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Age Of Dead Trees, Dead?

While the impact of digital technologies upon newspapers in their printed form is well known, the future for printed magazines is also looking a lot less rosy.

John Bigg's review in Crunch Gear shows that New Yorker's iPad version has stayed true to its quality print style without being seduced by use of too much multimedia:

"There are no graphical tricks, not too many multimedia events, and when there are, they’re great (one poetry reading by Sherman Alexie in the latest issue was amazing). And even the ads are unobtrusive and, dare I say it, beautiful in full living color."

The nostalgia for print will pass as other technologies have done with each generation. While the tactile nature of paper and the slightly musty smell of a mildewed book will always have its adherents, history reminds us that such memories fade.

The demise of the vinyl LP teaches us that while content may remain enchanting and memory invoking, the format in which this content is presented need not, and will not, remain the same in perpetuity.

Ultimately it does all comes down to content.  If it's quality it will ever remain so, no matter what new format is adopted.

As Biggs says: "The New Yorker iPad app proves that great writing is great writing, no matter how it’s displayed. It is new wine poured into new wineskins: everything works, nothing is strange, and the product tastes as sweet as it did in the old skins."

The magazine publisher managed to persuade Apple to let its one million existing subscribers of the print edition of the New Yorker, download and read iPad version of the New Yorker for no additional charge.

The New Yorker publisher, Conde Nast, has said that iPad editions of its other magazines will also be available by subscription through Apple’s In-App Purchase system on the popular App Store. Watch out for Vanity Fair, Golf Digest, Wired and GQ (to name but four)  to become available in the near future.
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