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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Picture This

If you thought your Facebook posts that contained an image were working more effectively than the common 'garden' text-only variety, then you are probably right.

As the chart above from Dan Zarrella clearly demonstrates, posts with photos perform far better when it comes to engagement.Wwhereas text posts have been on a constant decline these past four years.

And if you have gone to all trouble of producing a video to entice a response you might want to think again, as they too are nowhere near as effective as photos.

Dan's earlier analysis of 'Selfies' also gives some pointers as to what types of image attract people most.  For example, cool colour such as blues and greens elicit more 'Likes' than warmer colours.  Great news if your are a martian!

A little bit of self promotion using the tag #pretty also seems to help as does #NoFilter.

Time to get out the camera!

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