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Friday, 22 October 2010

Visitor Mapping

A novel way to show site visitation on a web page or blog in real time.  Created by Daniel Seifert, the maps can be zoomed in an out using the toll set bottom left.

Using his commercial version it is possible for a company to pinpoint its office locations around the world
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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Rock On With Kim

How to recharge the marketing curve when the recession has hit hard?

Why not give away $1million's worth of bling, in the form of a large diamond ring, and get a tanned TV reality star to front the campaign.

Successful antipodean jeweller Michael Hill bought 17 jewellery stores from US company Whitehall Jewellers in 2008.  Within two years, eight of these stores have closed as a direct result of the financial recession.

Now the Michael Hill International are launching a Twitter / Facebook-based challenge to find the world's ultimate couple.  Kim Kardashian joins Kiwi Michael Hill in promoting the challenge.

The winning couple will walk away with the 22 carat engagement ring and Kim will no doubt do likewise, with a large cheque instead of a rock.

A visit to shows how the combination of social media and viral marketing can be used to great effect.

Having completed their challenges couples must then share their entries with others to garner the most votes.  The top six couples will be judged on the creativity and originality of their entry.  The winner gets to fly to Chicago to collect their ring.

The company for its part has built up a huge prospects database and cleverly promoted its brand internationally although only four countries are eligible for the promotion.

No doubt Michael Hill International will stay socially engaged with entrants from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for many months to come.
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