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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Local News feeds The Newspaper Habit

News and local news in particular are the main reasons that people continue to subscribe to their local newspapers.

Doing so out of habit doesn't figure prominently but seeking incentives through coupons does.  This makes local newspapers particularly vulnerable to the rapidly rising popularity of social media coupons through sites such as Groupon and Living Social.

So while local newspapers delivered online have been less than successful, the paper variety still pulls the punters; the question is, for how long?

And if you were a local newspaper columnist now might be the time to look for another job as the obituary column is proving more popular than you are.

The observant amongst you may also have noted that the percentages on the pie chart above add up to more than 100%. The reason given by the company reporting the result is that participants were allowed to choose more than one option.

The data was collected from a monthly Internet survey of 1,000 households conducted for Ad Age by Ipsos Observer.

Local journalism has embraced digital media and the opportunities that this presents.  Take for example Tackable, a free app for iPad, which has been up and running since the start of the year in San Francisco.

People take smartphone photos of the interesting things they see, which get placed on a live map. Newspaper reporters and editors create photo assignments, directing the action and article get written faster with better content.

As co-founder Luke Stange described in the recent interview belo: “Imagine cutting up your newspaper into ten thousand little pieces and putting the best of the best on a map…and also bringing in community… what your neighbors are talking about.”

The future of local news is looking more exciting (and literally) by the minute.
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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Measuring Every Move


Frederic Brodbeck has been busy measuring and visualizing movie data, in order to reveal the characteristics of films and to create a visual “fingerprint” for them.

For his Bachelor Graduation project he has presented information such as the editing structure, color, speech or motion which are extracted, analysed and transformed into graphic representations so that movies can be seen as a whole and easily interpreted, or compared side by side.

Brodbeck is a student of the Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag and his interest is "how generative and computational design and the role that writing code can play in new approaches to graphic design".

But what value is this for the common man you might well ask?

Brodbeck sees Cinemetrics as assisting film choice; if you don’t want to spend time viewing something that is dark, simply gravitate towards a lighter-colored graph.
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