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Friday, 23 July 2010

TV Retains Greater Brand Trust Than Bloggers?

This recent Nielsen survey is revealing and confirms just how influential the new online social environment has become for brand recognition and development. Consumers influencing consumers is the new order of things.

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Family and Friends are still the primary influence but social media is a close third in the queue.  It would appear though that "Influential Bloggers" are not as influential as they would have hoped with television still engendering greater brand trust.

Key findings from the Nielsen survey:
  • More than 40% of consumers go online to check reviews and consumer feedback before purchasing consumer electronics.
  • 60% of those going online have visited a social network, with half going back everyday according to Facebook.
  • 23% of social network users expect companies to listen and respond to what is said online
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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Smart Billboards Target Consumers

Symbol of the prefecture of Tokyo (represents ...
With the aid of a small camera that scans the faces of passersby, a new type of  billboard will quickly tailor its marketing message to suit.  Sex and age triggers the relevant marketing messages.

The Digital Signage Promotion Project is currently being tested for a year by a consortium of 11 Japanese railway companies.

Twenty seven high-tech advertising boards now grace the subway stations around Tokyo and while face recognition software is being used, the companies are quick to assure commuters that no recorded images will be stored.

Only data related to groups of people will be held.  This information relates to categories of people, which ads they look at and the times of day when they do so.
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