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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Configurator Provides The Answers

If you have ever worked in a small business you will know how essential it is to deploy systems that are accessible and supported by a team of professionals that know their stuff.

SAP is a market leader in such solutions and services and these allow your business to grow at the pace you wish.

SAP's Business Objects offers a comprehensive set of tools and applications to help businesses assess and optimise business performance connecting people, information, and businesses across business networks.  These tools and applications are backed by decades of development and customer service.

Pivotal to the success of any business is intelligence software, as without this analytical capability it is impossible to make accurate business decisions and choose from the many different solutions that may or may not be appropriate to where you wish to head with your business.

With SAP® Crystal solutions, anyone who works with information can:
  • Switch off manual distribution of information and switch on secure, consistent reporting to easily share your findings across the organisation
  • Switch off confusion caused by multiple data sources and switch on instant visibility into business information without waiting for IT support
  • Switch off labour-intensive presentation formatting and switch on meaningful, interactive dashboards and analytics
  • Switch off hasty decisions based on gut feel and switch on a clear understanding of scenarios and expected results so you can take action with confidence.

SAP have introduced a solution Configurator within their Business All-in-One fast-start program. Use this online to scope the functionality of a solution, and then assess the price for instant cost-effective deployment.
The Crystal Solutions Configurator is an innovative and quick way to see based on your pain points related to reporting/dashboarding/Analysis how SAP crystal solution could help you and, what is the right product or solutions for your needs but also if applicable how to benefit from one of our current offers.

The Configurator is tailored to business decisions makers within SMEs. It’s quick, easy and it speaks the language of business decisions makers which makes it easy for you.

The Configurator's beauty is in its simplicity. Simply answer a few questions around the information challenges that you come up against in day-to-day work, and the Configurator will recommend the best products or packages for your needs.

Sometimes even the problem is difficult to judge; going to a contractor to figure these out is expensive and often the correct answer isn't found.  Now there is an easier way.
No difficult calculations are needed here. The Configurator is automatic, searches a large database to suit your needs, and ultimately solves a problem that you might not have been able to define yourself.

In the rush to adopt social media platforms it is sometimes easy to forget that the simplest solutions for small business success and the challenges we face can be found using automatic tools such as The Configurator.

And better still, the answers to your business challenges need not be expensive.  Try the Configurator for yourself and see.

Visit this site for more information about the SAP's BusinessObjects and Configurator.



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