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Friday, 23 March 2012

Wakey, Wakey

Every now and then I come across an app that is really useful, engaging and provides an incentive to use it. Perhaps surprisingly, very few on the market fulfill all three of these fundamental requirements.

Lufthansa's Anyawake app is one of the select few. As well as being an alarm clock it quizzes users on which city the alarm sound comes from? Naturally all are Lufthansa destinations. Each day is different so where will you wake up tomorrow?

Anywake is designed as an alarm clock that "takes you places". To take off you choose a standard sound and use Anywake every day. Every other morning you will wake up to the sound of a randomly selected city.

The trick is that to turn off the alarm, you have to guess which city the sound is emanating from? Now this might prove a little irksome if you are in a foreign land suffering from severe jet lag but to sweeten the experience there is an incentive.

If you choose correctly, you get a discount on a plane ticket to that city, flying with the airline. If you snooze you loose.

For those who travel a lot on business or for pleasure this might be just the ticket; make that two tickets! The free app is available from

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