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Friday, 29 June 2012

Upwardly Mobile Shopping & Constant Chatter

Pre-purchasing behaviour has changed over time thanks largely to the impact of technology, social media and increasingly, mobile devices.

But bricks and mortar remain important to your potential customers; the majority (90%) like to know that there is a physical store somewhere.

Nearly half use their smartphone to source for information including selecting which shops they wish to frequent. At the very least they look up and compare prices on a store's mobile site.

One in three have made a purchase using their mobile device in the past 6 months.

Adding Live Chat to the marketing mix has also worked well for many retailers.  What was initially seen as something of a fad now has some true and identifiable value, according to a recent study that reveals online shopper attitudes, opinions, and behaviors relative to live chat.

The survey of UK and US respondents found that:
  • Live chat has reached a tipping point of adoption
  • Multi-faceted nature of chat, combined with efficiency and control, puts chatters on the path to fandom
  • While live chat fans are highly desirable, frequent chatters demand special attention
  • Live chat in the UK is on the rise – both in terms of adoption and favorability
  • For online merchants to get the most from chat, they have to treat it as a distinct communication channel
The study was conducted online using a third party opt-in panel, 75% of which were located in the United States and 25% in the UK. Those surveyed totaled 2,027. Respondents lived in the US or UK, spent in excess of $250USD per year online, and shopped at least monthly.

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