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Monday, 30 August 2010

A GeoSocial and GeoCultural World

Without doubt we are living in a geosocial universe as the above graphically demonstrates.  The omnipresent hump that represents the mobile market should be a pointer that all marketers should follow.

Equally interesting is the global share that Skype occupies.  As an enabling technology it may have been around for a while but is still a key player.

JESS3, who produced this infographic,  have been trying to accurately depict the size of the key players in the geo / social space.
See JESS3's charts on Flickr.  The rise of the professional networking platform LinkedIn is also a trend of note.

As well as our social method of communication, those bound by cultural and religious conventions have been making their own presence felt online.

Members of the Muslim faith are celebrating Ramadan and, a Muslim lifestyle site has a vision of connecting the world's Muslim communities to each other, and to the wider world, through shared online experiences.

There are a number of Ramadan apps that they promote online including the Ramadan Daily Dua which offers a prayer of supplication specific to each day during the holy month.  Another is the Ramadan Booster Pro offers "tips and recommended good deeds to help organise your Ramadan".

Finally this week comes updated data from Nielsen, that shows a continuing decline in search.
 The only exception is the rise of MSN/Windows Live/Bing which has risen 28%.  The effectiveness of placing advertising with search engines would appear to be even more in doubt.  Geo Social and Geo Cultural sites would be a better bet.
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