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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Think Big, Think Local

Sometimes its is difficult to see the wood for the trees.

The Web is a big place packed full of global opportunities but if current trends are to be believed, thinking 'local' is the best business approach.

A 'localised' online presence develops business growth cultivates greater customer loyalty.

Social media is a critical part of this marketing mix, as are incentives (deals). Group deals continue their rapid rise in popularity, up 33% in 6 months.

By far the majority of people searching online (73%) are looking for local content as this infographic shows.

See the larger version here
The pay off is that 82% of searches online result in off line follow-up, either through a visit to a store, a phone call or a purchase.

So even if your business has a global perspective the greatest success will come from localising your offering -  local content on localised web sites, engagement in local social media and forums. One size (of content) does not fit all.

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