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Saturday, 28 May 2011

I Will Follow You Wherever You May Be

Two more features have been added to Twitter. Now you have a new option for the "following" page which enables you to view Tweets from the accounts a user follows, as well as a list of those accounts.

Here for example are some of the tweets from the 96 people I follow on the digiconsultant twitter account.

A quick way of accessing this for any account is to use the following address -!digiconsultant/following - and change the digiconsultant twitter name to your own or the person you wish to view.

This feature allows you to quickly determine if you too wish to follow any of the people / accounts that your target 'twitterer' is following. Very handy for finding industry influencers and commentators you may wish to engage with.

The older 'Following' feature remains under what is now termed 'People'.

There is also a new 'stumble upon' button, top right, which allows you to randomly jump to the account of someone you follow.

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