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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Odeo Dough - Twitter Turns Five

From a simple idea five years ago Twitter has grown into a worldwide social media phenomenon with 220 million account holders.

When Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone of the Odeo team came up with the idea for a status update system in January of 2006, they had to call it 'Twittr" as the domain name they really wanted was owned by a birding enthusiast.

All that as they say, is bird seed under the bridge now that Twitter is producing some 350 billion tweets daily. Considering they had just 224 tweets on launch day this is not a bad effort, Compare these figures to those Google+ are crowing about, delivering one billion items daily and Facebook who are sharing four billion items.

It took Twitter sixteen months to sign up the first 600,000 accounts and now they are achieving  the same volume in just one day.

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