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Friday, 22 July 2011

T Commerce - Future Tweet?

For some time people have been asking, how will Twitter make money? Apart from advertising what else is on the horizon for Twitter?  It would seem that T Commerce might be one option.

Here are a couple of examples the Twitter CEO gives:

"When the Google IO conference was taking place, they tweeted the morning of the opening of the conference, 'Hey, you know, 100 tickets left, 550 bucks a piece, use this promotion code,' and then I think 11 minutes later tweeted, 'Sold them, thank you,' you know, $55,000 with one tweet in 13 minutes."

"The San Diego Chargers tweeted on a Saturday afternoon, 'We need to sell a thousand more tickets so the blackout can be lifted in San Diego tomorrow,' and 40 minutes later tweeted - or I think 40 minutes later or so tweeted, 'Sold those'."

If they can grab a share of a sales tweet the future of the company should be rosy.

Click here to see the video

CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, explains the company's business model.

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