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Thursday, 18 November 2010

'Nuff Churp In Your Tweets?

Putting bloggers and advertising in contact with each other and making money in the process of so doing is not a new occurrence.

EBuzzing does this quite successfully and now there is a Asia-Pacific equivalent, Nuffnang; the brainchild of a London School of Economics graduate, Cheo Ming Shen.

Mr Cheo has expanded his operation still further to promote similar advertising relationships using Twitter and Facebook.

Enter Churp Churp  which at this stage is only open to Singaporean and Malaysian residents.

In both cases the power of social media Influencers is being harnessed to deliver product information.

Not content with these two online platforms the entrepreneur and his company has also built Jipaban which claims to be South East Asia's largest online mall with 86 stalls and more than 3,000 products.

In a BBC Interview he says "he is fortunate to be able to do this and is wary of Singapore's attempts to create more self-starting entrepreneurs through government grants. He believes they could deter genuine business models with scope for development.

Instead, he fears that the schemes have the potential to "cultivate a group of people who just come up with ideas…for funding and they think: with this funding I can run off my crazy 're-invent the wheel' kind of ideas."

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