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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mixed Reviews For Facebook's "Non-Email"

Mark Zuckerberg, Hail Caesar!
In an earlier post we revealed that Facebook has plans to launch a competitive email platform.

There have been very mixed reviews of Facebook's new "email" system since its announcement by CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

"Emailing by Facebook? Good luck" says the Guardian who describe it as fiendishly tricky.

Forbes describes it as a "big deal for business" and  social media in general as "the next big thing to improve productivity".

Gizmodo has the most practical analysis detailed the system as having every email, text, and chat in one place.

Facebook's stated aim is to automatically deliver messages where it thinks a user is most likely to see them, create a unified history of the messages, and filter the threads by relationship with the sender to create a Social Inbox.

But if the complexity of Facebook's new non-email system floors you, why not do the next best thing and follow comedian Jimmy Kimmel's advice in the video below; celebrate  "National Unfriend Day".

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