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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Will This Online Video Company Survive?

Image representing Jason Liebman as depicted i...
Finding a market niche in the online world is tough going but Howcast seems to be surviving.  Forming alliances with the big boys such as Yahoo!, AOL, Hulu and Microsoft's MSN has certainly helped.

Howcast streams over 25 million videos a month and was founded by Jason Liebman (pictured) a former Googler.

Approaching two million downloads across iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry phones, Howcast claims to be "the #1 mobile app for instructional content - wherever you are".

The are some offbeat "how to" topics waiting to be discovered and shared. These include:
  • How To Survive a Bear Attack
  • How To Pick a Karaoke Song If You Can’t Sing
  • How To Stop Blushing ( presumably after the bear attack?) and
  • How to Walk in High Heels

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