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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Unleash Your Hidden Reporter with Streamago

There's a reporter in all of us just waiting to emerge.  Tiscali Streamago might just be the answer for those with such ambitions.
Video uploading is ranked as one of the top social media activities and many of us have then made the transition to using live streaming software and platforms to communicate with others online and to build interest channels. Creating your own tv station certainly has appeal.
What appeals about Tiscali Streamago is the ability to broadcast anywhere and share with friends in real-time.
Ignoring the obvious requirement of being online, the rest of the set up and using on this platform is very simple.  A PC and web cam are the two prerequisites and Tiscali Streamago's broadcast console makes transmission an easy exercise, without the need to download and instal any software.  And you don't have to be tied to your computer, as Streamago is also available as an iPhone app. (and iPod touch and Ipad 2)
Try creating a channel using your own video.  The graphic abilities of being able to produce overlay titling is also dead easy and I like the option of chatting in real-time with followers which promotes true engagement with your audience.

Easy broadcasting console
Streamago users are each allocated 10GB of disc space and you can even record through your PC web cam or iphone and delay transmission until later which might give you greater exposure to your target audience. You create you owncommunication channel.

Streamago integrates with Facebook so you can publish the channel directly into your personal page and keep you followers informed.  You have a dedicated web address to send your followers to and the 'schedule event' functionality will be very handy for streaming conference presentations. You can find me at
My recommendation is to give Streamago a try; it's a lot of fun!  Streamago is available at:

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1 comment:

Flanders said...

Is there anyone who have already tried Streamago by PC?
I'm trying to broadcast by iPhone and the quality seems high! Hi mum, it's me on Tv ahahah

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