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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I Know What I Like

Likester is an interesting tool but the jury is out as to whether it can at this moment accurately gauge online reputation and make predictions.

Branded as a 'Global Popularity Engine', the service aggregates Facebook Likes data from users, removes any reference to the person concerned and stores only what was Liked and the broad geographic location of where the user lived.

Likester Heat Map -  showing the density of Likester activity
Likester believes they currently represent the most comprehensive look at what people like, and from where, on the Internet. Although they readily admit that results are somewhat skewed as they lack data from many cities and in some of htose cities the data source remains sparse.

At the moment their findings are based on data on over 7,000 cities, and 172 countries around the world and as coverage increases so to will be the validity of the results.

The company has been making American Idol predictions to showcase their product, with varying degrees of success.

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