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Friday, 17 June 2011

Professional Networking - Why It Matters

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The Tools and Links section of this blog contains links to many programmes that can create visualisations of your networks.

One of the more interesting is LinkedIn Maps which maps your professional network and demonstratesthe relationships between you and your connections.

In today's world where skills are increasingly being traded as much as money, your personal brand is all important.

Visualising your professional networks will enable you to see the areas where you can and need to build associations. Restricting your associations to school friends and employees is not going to get you far.

As LinkedIn's Ali Imam says. "With it you can better leverage your professional network to help pass along job opportunities, seek professional advice, gather insights, and more."

Joining LinkedIn groups allied to your brand also provides a great marketing opportunity for the products and services you provide. In the case of this blog for example,  referrals from LinkedIn outnumber those from Facebook 2-1.

 DJ Patil is the Chief Scientist at LinkedIn and in the above video he is explaining his network on large sheets of paper. Clearly I have a lot of networking still to do!
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