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Thursday, 16 June 2011

I've Been Framed

The expression "I've been framed" takes on a whole new dimension with the launch of Intel's interactive ad campaign, The Museum of Me.

After connecting with your Facebook account you will be transported through a  "visual archive of your social life" which some may find a bit off-putting.

Your tour of the virtual galleries, displays personal photos, video and your friends' profile pictures. The Museum of Me also displays your location on a map, status updates and other wall content, but Intel promises no personal data is collected or stored.

Each gallery comes complete with a digital set of gallery goers checking out the exhibits, all of which revolve around you.

A word of advice; the application is meant to load quickly but I found it 'hung', irrespective of which browser I used.  This may have been a  temporary state of affairs due to heavy usage?

It is only at the end of the video that the company's advertisement for its Core i5 processors appears.

As Paris-based, Amar Toor in enGadget writes in his review:

"You've mastered the art of the high-cheekboned self-shot. Your acute taste in Iranian New Wave cinema is on full display. That leggy blonde who just so happens to appear in all 200 of your Spring break photos? Why yes, you two do have a thing going on, but honestly, it's no big deal. You didn't even tag her. Yes sir, your Facebook profile is in top form -- a veritable shrine to your unparalleled wit, your ferocious intellectual prowess and your unearthly solipsism. But is it enough? Is your life really getting the Stalinesque digital commemoration it so sorely deserves?".

Based on his observations it might suggest that the user would end up with a tour of a "Playboy Mansion" rather than a "museum".  I guess it all depends on your Facebook content.

A 'Museum of Me' Montage - Thedigitalconsultant
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