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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Standing Out From The Flowd

Armin van BuurenThere's not a day goes by when something new appears on the app. horizon. One recent addition from Denmark is Flowd, a sort of 'FourSquare for bands and fans' to get together.

Flowd is a location-based mobile application that facilitates conversations between music acts and their fans. Through Flowd, fans can keep up with their favorite music acts’ latest news, views, tours and offers. Flowd also provides an easy way to connect with friends, places and parties. Flowd is currently the location-based mobile app of choice of Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz and The Wanted

There is a real opportunity for niche players such as this. Mashable's review of this geolocation app. highlights the core functionality:

"Any band — from up-and-comers to established acts — can sign up for Flowd via its website, where they can set up a profile complete with a bio, photo, skins that fans can apply to their own app pages (which can vary from device to device) and a welcome message that fans will receive upon following the artist in question. That artist can also add tour dates via an integration with Google Maps that pins the event in question to a physical location. Fans can then check in to that location"

Flowd is somewhat similar in concept to an app. developed by Nine Inch Nails back in 2009 and which was covered in a report by

Flowd has few of the larger acts signed up at present which limits its appeal but it might be a good space to spot up-and-comers?
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Ruth said...

Interesting! I wonder if this could be adapted for community engagement work where a number of people, not all contributing time at the same time, can keep up with each other and the key events and developments in the community......

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