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Friday, 31 December 2010

First Past The Post - Facebook As A Newspaper

Tired of the same old user interface? Want a different look for your Facebook page for the New Year? 

PostPost is an interesting app. and realtime 'social newspaper' that works well with Google Chrome and Firefox.

The first version of PostPost was created as a weekend project by entrepreneur Peter Yared, VP of Apps at Webtrends and it has since been distributed by TigerLogic.

One of PostPost's main attractions is that it is interactive. The boxes realign themselves based on the size of your screen /browser.

PostPost's aim is to create a real-time dashboard which allows the user to quickly skim relevant passages of text from friends and clump similar content together so it's easier to read.

Watch videos inline, comment, like posts without having to leave the page you are viewing. There is also the ability to moderate what volume of content appears and to cut down noise.
All in all a nice change compared to the regular Facebook design options.
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