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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Babble On

Here's another application which allows you to heighten the visitor experience to your web site, blog or Facebook business page.

Photobabble is a free app.which can be used for product demonstrations, web site advertising and the like

The power and emotion of human voice makes an evocative addition to social media across multiple channels: web, mobile and social networks.

Dogster used Photobabble
Photos are the most shared social content and this audio/image product allows the user to capitalise upon the trend. Talking Photos, Fotobabble’s first mobile/web application, lets users add voice to images in seconds, and share their voice-powered Talking Photos through Facebook, Twitter, email and other social networks.

The company claims that it is "used everyday by users in small businesses, education, professional photography, real estate, nonprofits, storytelling, greeting cards, dating sites, and big brand marketing."

Thinking outside the square makes it possible to use this app in novel and entertaining ways. For example,  a social network for dogs, Dogster,  ran a campaign using Fotobabble's Facebook app to run a “bark translator” on its Page.
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