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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Waffling On

The power of social media knows no bounds!

News today that more than 27,000 Facebook fans are supporting Hong Kong's most popular seller of gai daan tsai (egg waffles) after he was arrested once again.

This is his 6th brush with the law since January but 74 year old "Ah Bak" has been selling these Hong Kong creations for the past 30 years and seems unlikely to change the habits of a lifetime.

He one one of the last of the traditional street hawkers to ply their trade and as such has drawn huge support from Netizens.

There are 3,615,820 facebook users in Hong Kong (51% of the population) so 27,000 remains a small proportion of potential supporters for the egg waffle cause.

Interestingly the Facebook site in question seems to have been quickly removed just a day after this publicity -  by whom I wonder?  Authorities worrying about an 'Egg Waffle Revolution' -  I very much doubt it.

Facebook usage in Hong Kong has actually declined by 100,000 since a peak in February of this year.

The biggest loss is in the youth demographic 18-24 with 35-44 year olds being the fastest growing segment.

Meanwhile Hong Kong's most defiant egg waffle vendor is 'cracking on' and remains unrepentant.

"If you want to arrest me, then go ahead and arrest me," says the defiant Ng. "I will keep on working for 10 more years."
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