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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Blue Jackets And The 365 Campaign

A campaign of 365 store ads, shot in 15 commercial blocks, to demonstrate the range of product in an IKEA store.

This is not the only great creative idea from Lemz. Using the power of social media the company is assisting, an independent organization (with no government funding), which dedicates itself to provide proper information for drug addicts to help drug addicts quit through Facebook.

Monica's Jacket
Drug addict Monica Gebruikt wears a bright blue jacket as she makes her way around the Dutch city of Amsterdam. The text printed on here jacket invites people to 'friend' her on Facebook. So far 733 have done so.

Why is the company doing this?

While confessing that it is very much an experiment, Lemz says that the aim is to see if the act of being befriended on Facebook is enough of an intervention to have addicts ditch their reliance on drugs?

Within a fortnight of having the page live Monica had regained contact with her sons and sister after she becoming a trending topic on twitter.

In the Facebook introduction she has written:

"P.s. Don’t be afraid! If you decide to become my friend you will get an interesting peek into my daily life (with a maximum of two posts a day). I will NEVER ask for money or try to visit you in person. The only thing I will ask from you is your online friendship."

Will Facebook reaffirm Monica's faith in humanity and help her gain new interests?  One would like to think so.
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