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Thursday, 21 April 2011

An App That Takes Journalism To Another level

The leading Swiss company Ringier have just launched a revolutionary and rather trendy 'Appazine'

An 'Appazine' for the unitiated is as its title suggests, a magazine styled app and Ringier's app is called The Collection.

The Collection is a multi-language offering, available currently in English, Chinese, French, German, with an intuivite user-interface.

As a monthly “appazine” The Collection will be exploring globally relevant topics which will excite and challenge top-tier audiences.  

The Collection

The first issue is covering a major upcoming event in an original and entertaining way.  The image from the apps screen shots (right) give a good idea as to what this event might be!

The experience guarantees to surprises at every swipe, tap or rub of the tablet screen.

This interactivity is made possible by a completely new 'Made in Switzerland' Content Management System.  Ringier's technology provides for a very dynamic and intuitive navigation within the app.

As with any publication it is the content that will capture and build an audience.  The Collection aims to have first-class articles, audio, photos and videos, inter-active elements will include panoramic photography, 3D digital animation, creative morphing, rubbing, X-Ray lens and much much more.

The Collection
With such a range of rich media to choose from The Collection should establish a new benchmark in inter-active design.  It looks as if Ringier is on to a winner with this app.  The ability to read the latest topics in such an exciting manner should guarantee its success.

Already users are giving it big wraps "This takes journalistic apps to a whole different level. Cool effects, new interface for a magazine".
2011 has been dubbed by the pundits as the "Year of the Tablet"  and as these devices become more part and parcel of our everyday lives, appazines such as The Collection will replace our more traditional reading matter.

I for one am looking forward to these exciting developments.

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