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Monday, 13 December 2010

Social Media Browsers

Image representing RockMelt as depicted in Cru...There's a new kid on the block, or should that be something new about to leave the blocks?

RockMelt aims to make browsing and social media networking a seamless activity as the video below explains.

The browser is developed by the same team who produced the first commercial browser Netscape, 16years ago.

The Telegraph reports that "It is majority-funded by major technology investor, and also Netscape’s co-founder, Marc Andreessen, who has also backed the likes of Foursquare and sits on the board of Facebook".

It will need to compete head on with the likes of Flock and Firefox which have been the social media browsers of choice in recent times.

Scobleizer questions whether this browser has what it takes as a start up?

1. Power users may be frustrated by the fact that the browser only has an answer for Windows and Macintosh

2. It requires a download and most people are download adverse.

3. It requires a login and people are not used to having to log on to their browser.

4. It changes search behavior as RockMelt asks you to use two separate boxes again, which clutters UI and asks you to change your expectations of how search should work

5. The Twitter client isn’t full featured. It doesn’t support real time, for instance

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