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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Social Australians And Positive Koreans

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I have written before about the need to change the mindset that many CEO's have about the effectiveness of their corporate web site.

The belief that "we build it and they will come" simply does not hold water any more. The term "web site" in itself is very 1990's.

It is the "network" that should be referred to, as the principle of engagement and personal interaction is paramount in building the brand and online buzz.

Being online where your market is should be the primary goal. The principal focus now should be on social media and any corporate web site should also have social media capability.

Nielsen reports that social media now dominates Asia Pacific internet usage:

"Social media usage has seen unprecedented growth in Asia Pacific in the past year and is now one of the most critical trends in the online sector."

The survey found that three of the seven biggest global online brands are social media sites – Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube.

Close to three quarters of the world’s Internet population (74%) have now visited a social networking/blogging site, and Internet users are spending an average of almost six hours per month on social media sites. "

Some Key Findings:
  • Koreans are most likely to relay positive comments in any review while the Chinese are most likely to to focus on the negative
  • The Koreans are one of the most social engaged in the world
  • The Japanese are the world's most avid bloggers and the percentage of twitter users in Japan now surpasses the States
  • The Chinese admire grass root celebrities and track them.  The bulletin board is still a dominant platform
  • Social media games are big in China and drive new users to to sign on.
  • In India Facebook is rapidly making up ground on Orkut as the platform of choice for social networking
But it is the Australians who are the worlds most socially engaged .  Their focus is communities of interest, which explains why 62% of Aussies visited a forum or message board in 2009.  The professional network platform LinkedIn experienced 99% growth in a single year
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