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Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Science of Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing BookDan Zarrella, social media and viral marketing scientist and author explains what drives people to share information and opinions online. He details scientifically proven best practices for spreading content virally using social media.

Basic human evolutionary principles put our social media practiced into context. For example, "social proof" and following others are powerful motivators.

Rumours spread in an information void, so when information does exist it is very valuable. One of Dan's key suggestions is that you ensure voids don't develop around your brand. But if there is a void and you can fill it with your information you become the definitive source and this is a powerful position to be in.

"Combined relevance" is another concept that can drive viral success.  Combining "zombies" with "marketing" may seem a little weird but see how it worked for Dan.

Source: ViralNetworkers

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