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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Blogs will Prevail?

Rendering of human brain.Image via Wikipedia
I wrote a short piece about the the need to take time out in this digital world and let the grey matter recharge. The gist of the article was that creative processes need alpha stimulation as opposed to a constant bombardment of digital stimuli through earpieces, hand helds and every other digital channel known to man.

The next step along the way is brain computer interfacing.  I for one don't really want my brain connected to my laptop.  I would much prefer my brain to be connecting to the sights and sounds around me.

Which lead me rather nicely into a deliberation on the long term future of blogging; is there one?

In this age of the "Now", where the short term immediacy of a 'tweet' or facebook entry passes for dialogue, are blogs still a relevant channel?

Emily Gordon of Emdashes compares Facebook and Twitter to a continuous snowstorm but says the snow will melt eventually.

Blogs will always prevail as they provide a digital space to make more lasting contribution in a digitally creative manner.

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